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Hello I am

Teresa McBride

Founder/ Certified Wedding Officiant (Prov. ON)

Rooting many couples in love over the Almaguin Highlands and Muskoka area since 2018.

At Rooted Weddings, our mission is to create unique and beautiful ceremonies uniting and celebrating all life stages through birth, weddings, and death. As an officiant, I believe in the unity and inclusion of life partners and best friends of any sexual or gender orientation. I think that the ceremony should be a reflection of you and your passions. I encourage couples to choose their ceremony content and to choose the right feel for their wedding day.

I always strive to listen and assist in making your ceremony dreams come to life. I believe that it’s YOUR special day, no one else’s. I bring my experience to help guide you in your planning and provide a professional and passionate ceremony beyond your expectations. 

The most important part of the wedding day is the ceremony. What makes a great ceremony is how the words are delivered and how the ceremony is led. I am a very passionate communicator who will deliver a fantastic ceremony to be remembered by all who attend. 

Together, we can make your day your way. 

May love be the ground in which you sink your roots and have your foundation. 

– Ephesians 3:17

Personal Side of Teresa

  • I have deep Muskoka family roots, which I continue to enjoy and discover with my family, daughter Alyssa, and grandson Ethan. 
  • I am a huge bookworm and Canadian history buff. I’ve worked at Muskoka Heritage Place as a costumed 1896 narrator for over 5 years.
  • I love interacting with family and children and have worked as Mrs. Claus in Muskoka for more than 2 years.  
  • I am an entrepreneur at heart and love to create and dream. 
  • I am a people person. I love listening to and hearing about their dreams. 
  • I believe in excellent customer service and am passionate about offering whatever I can, from my skills to my family and friends.

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