When should I book my officiant?

You should look for your officiant as soon as you have a couple of dates, ideal location and approximate ceremony time in mind. The sooner, the better to allow lots of time to find an officiant available for your wedding.

What steps do I need to purchase a Marriage License?

The first step to get a Marriage License is to get a Marriage License application form. In most cases, you can pick up the application by appointment at a local municipal office/City Hall in Ontario, or download it from the Service Ontario website.

Both partners will need two pieces of identification. All documents must be original; photocopies will not be accepted. The legal name is registered at birth or changed legally through adoption, court order/Change of Name Certificate, or marriage.

For more information about the identification accepted, visit the Service Ontario Website.  

Suppose either of the partners has been divorced. In that case, they will need to contact the city courthouse of the location they sent their divorce papers from and purchase a Divorce Certificate.

Finalize your wedding date, location, and time with your officiant and gather all the necessary documents to book your appointment to purchase your wedding license. A wedding license can be purchased at any city hall, town hall or municipal office in Ontario by appointment only

When you purchase the wedding license, you will receive:

  •  the Wedding License paperwork
  • the Record of Solemnization paperwork
  • a form for the marriage certificate 
  • And a large brown pre-addressed envelope. 

The wedding license, record of solemnization, and the brown envelope need to be handed to your officiant to fill out before your wedding day.

The Record of Solemnization will be given to the couple on their wedding day after the ceremony is complete. This paperwork verifies that you were married on the date but cannot be used to change last names or notify essential companies of your marriage. You will need to apply for the marriage certificate.

What should I pay for a wedding officiant?

The cost of a wedding ceremony is dependant on the type of service, the date, and the distance to travel. A small weekday elopement/paperwork-style wedding has a smaller cost. In contrast, a wedding with more than two witnesses, a custom ceremony, paperwork, event planning support, and extended travel on the weekend have higher costs.

The officiant also requires a deposit of half of the full amount of the package you choose in order to reserve your wedding’s date and time. No date is saved until a deposit is received, due to the volume of requests. The balance is due any time before the start of the ceremony. Teresa will send you an email receipt upon receiving the deposit.

Who can be witnesses?

Anyone who is 18+ years old. You are welcome to choose your own witnesses. We can also provide witnesses if necessary.

Can a friend lead our wedding ceremony?

Yes, a friend or family member can participate meaningfully in your wedding ceremony, working alongside Teresa. She will work with your chosen person to make the ceremony and legal requirements flow together.

Can we include children or pets in the ceremony?

Most definitely! Including your kids and fur babies in your wedding ceremony is absolutely encouraged! The unity of a couple and family make your day very special.

For pets, please make sure they are leashed.

How long does a ceremony last?

It can last as long or as short as you want. But generally, a ceremony takes around 15 to 30 minutes.

When will the officiant arrive on the day?

Teresa will arrive an hour before the wedding ceremony time or when requested. She arrives early to go over last minute details to ease nerves.

What if I can’t remember what to say during my vows?

That’s why Teresa’s here! She will help you get through it!

You can give Teresa a copy ahead of time to slip to you if you need or she can whisper the words to help you. But you don’t have to memorize the words, you can read from a copy.

She can also take over if you need to take a breath or compose yourself.

What if things are not going as planned?

Things happen!

Your guests will remember the two of you on your wedding day, so keep a happy attitude, have fun and enjoy your day. Teresa will do her best to help get things back on track.

Remember, you are surrounded by people that love and know you. They know that “things happen!”

What if there is a change to my date/time/locations?

If there is a change, please let Rooted Weddings know as soon as possible. A meeting will be arranged in person or by phone to discuss the next steps.

What is a Marriage Certificate, and how do I purchase it?

Your appointment with a clerk to purchase your Marriage License will include a form for your Marriage Certificate. A Marriage Certificate is needed for a partner to change their last name, if they wish, and certify that your marriage has been registered with the Register General of Ontario.

The paperwork will need to be completed 6 weeks after your wedding.

This form can be mailed to the address given, or you can apply to the online address provided in the paperwork.

The Marriage Certificate will be mailed to you at the address you give when filling out the paperwork. It will take 6-12 weeks after you’ve applied.

When you have received the Marriage Certificate in the mail, you can change either partner’s last name and update essential documents ( i.e. bank accounts, insurance plans, utility bills, etc.) 

Are you available for questions?

Yes, anytime you have questions, please contact Teresa by text, email or phone!!

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