The religious rite of sprinkling water onto a person’s forehead or immersion in water symbolizes purification or regeneration.

Whether for yourself or for your child, this ceremony is conducted according to your religious beliefs in a setting that is considered important to you.


A religious ceremony conducted in the child’s first year of life that involves the sprinkling of water on their head as they are named.

The setting and type of ceremony are chosen by you.


The purpose of a humanist baby naming ceremony, at which an infant, youth, or adult is given a name or names, serves to announce and welcome the person to the family, extended family, friends, and the community.

A Naming ceremony provides an opportunity for those closest to you to come together. It acknowledges and celebrates a new addition to the family and the essential role others will have as caregivers and role models, like grandparents and mentors.

The timing is flexible. At a location of your choice, we can explore various ways to plan this ceremony the way you want it!

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Celebration of Life

It is essential to acknowledge the end of a relationship. You may wish to remember a loved one who has crossed over and left an unforgettable mark upon your hearts.

There are no specific requirements, but I can help you create the right ceremony for your family.

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