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Handfasting is a Celtic ritual when the couple’s hands are tied together using a long cord, cloth or ribbon. This symbolizes the tying together of two lives. Let’s discuss how we can make your own unique way of “tying the knot”!

Includes an in-person meeting to practice the steps based on Covid-19 regulations.

Sand Ceremony

Today there are more blended families, and this ceremony shares this special bond. It’s an important goal of any blended family to develop and create a familial feeling.

Sand is used to symbolize the uniting of the family. The couple comes together with the children and pours individual containers of coloured sand into one unity vase. This creates a special reminder of their first shared experience as a blended family.

Anniversary Box

In the Anniversary Box Ceremony, the couple chooses one bottle of wine and two wine glasses to place into a container or box that can be locked. The couple write letters to each other expressing their love and reasons for being married. The letters are placed into the box with the bottle of wine and glasses sealed until the couple’s chosen anniversary date. On that date, the letters and wine are shared to help remember the love of their wedding day.

Unity Candle

This is a beautiful and intimate wedding ceremony that symbolizes the couple’s joining in marriage and their families’ union.

The couple chooses a close family member or friend who individually lights candles to represent each person. The couple then uses the individual candles to light one “Unity” candle to symbolize that they have now created a new family together.

Unity Wine Glass 

In the Unity Wine Glass ceremony, the couple chooses a close family member or friend pour one white glass and one red glass of wine to represent each person. Then the couple has the family member/friend pour each glass into one wine glass to create a blush that they will both drink from.

Memorial Moment

It’s important to acknowledge the end of a relationship and you may wish to remember a loved one who has crossed over and left a special mark upon your hearts.
This can be done as part of a wedding ceremony or a private event with a “memorial moment” of prayer, poem, or song.

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