Updated Jan 15 2021

For current Provincewide shutdown regulations please visit www.ontario.ca

All COVID-19 procedures will be as current as possible. Please check the provinces Covid-19 webpage on regulations before the wedding day.

Limited Number of Guests

The number of guests allowed to attend the wedding ceremony, either outside or inside the event, will be based on the current information checked each week from the provinces Covid-19 webpage on regulations before the wedding day.

Masks Worn

Masks must be worn at all times when social distancing cannot be maintained. If outdoors and seating allows for social distancing, masks can be removed once guests have seated themselves. If standing during the ceremony, please wear a mask.

Guest Sanitation Stations

Hand sanitizer and face masks must be made available to guests either on a table or at the venue’s entrance.

Maintain Social Distancing

Please maintain 6 ft./ 2m away from others at all times, except for the people in your immediate household or “bubble group,” if restrictions allow it.

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